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About us

TRITON ACT SA technical constructions company was established in 1990 with the design and construction of private and public building projects as its main objective.

Company's activities expand throughout a range of building facilities, offering it’s customers a number of undertakings in the sector of health (clinics, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, units, dialysis units), agriculture (cheese dairy manufacturers, fish farms, fruit packagers, wineries, residences, metal constructions, infrastructure works), including any type of Special Type Building Facilities.

As a Societe Anonyme corporation, it is one of the most modern and widely acknowledged technical companies that provides valid and integrated technical solutions for all types of constructions, distinguished for their high aesthetics and high quality design.


Vision of TRITON ACT

With knowledge, experience and technical know-how as the most valuable tool of its people, the vision of TRITON ACT is to ensure the ongoing promotion of innovative, high quality and modern ideas in the construction market, by establishing long-term relationships with both its existing and potential customers.


Mission of TRITON ACT

To fully respond to customer expectations with the utmost respect towards their separate needs and to ensure the provision of high quality integrated solutions within a time plan and a financial budget



“Investing” in the “human capital” is a constituent element of TRITON ACT and it is the fundamental requirement for the company's successful business and further development within and outside national boundaries.
 In addition, the expert technical know-how and vast experience of its executives in the implementation of construction projects, the management's social sensitivity and the provision of high aesthetics and high quality construction, together with excellent operational solutions, all compose the philosophy of TRITON ACT.


The long-term objectives and strategy of TRITON ACT are summarized as follows:
High quality of services and solutions provided with systematic quality control in order to respond, as a company, to the requirements of even the most demanding customer.
Consistency in customer service by ensuring that the initial time plan is adhered to and that the lowest possible cost is achieved in the implementation of each project.

Credibility of solutions provided in terms of technology and design with the continuous investment in human capital and the conduct of training programs and technical specialization to ensure that technical work production is expanded to new sectors.

Company's development with the expansion of its activities outside national boundaries and maximizing the market share on a national level.

Contact Details

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fax: +30 210 66 47 112

Office Address

2 Palaiopanagias str. Peania,
P.C. 19002,
Attica, Greece