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With vast experience and the appropriate expert personnel, TRITON ACT is able to effectively support organized corporations of the Private and Public Sector, as well as construction projects of private owners, providing an integrated series of services which are developed from the first stage of architectural design to the internal decoration and construction of each building.


TRITON AC AE is the exclusive importer and installer of the antimicrobial cladding system called PALCLAD™ as well as for Defem's Mesh Trays in the territory Greece

Within this framework and with the objective of achieving the best organization and providing services to each customer in the best possible manner, TRITON ACT has developed activities in the following sectors:





TRITON ACT provides high quality integrated and flexible solutions of excellent operation and high durability at a competitive construction cost. The following are included in the applications of the project constructions sector:

  • Buildings of the Health Sector: Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers, Dialysis Centers and more.
  • Sport Facilities / Closed Gyms.
  • Luxury Stone-built Houses
  • Apartment Buildings - Housing Projects
  • Building Reconstructions
  • Metal Buildings
  • Infrastructure Works
  • Road construction works
  • Building construction works
  • Hydraulic works
  • Harbor works
  • Electromechanical works
  • Industrial-Energy works




TRITON ACT undertakes the complete architectural and electromechanical design of all types of buildings, sport facilities, houses, infrastructure works and more, bearing in mind the best possible utilization of the space available, the harmonious co-existence of the building with the existing natural environment, but also the particular needs of the public for which it is intended, such as social sensitivity, Special Needs facilities in hospitals, etc.





The following are taken into consideration when conducting designs in any sector:

  • customized conditions based on the project's needs (e.g., customer requirements)
  • legislative specifications per project

Following the identification of these basic specifications, the procedure which is followed is mapped out and based on the management policy of each project by the competent Department of Internal Organization and Business Management of TRITON ACT. In particular, the following are included:
  • Analytic Project Implementation Plan
  • Conduct of construction plans
  • Scheduling of works at building sites
  • Amendments to project specifications
  • Project Supervision and Completion

Respectively, the smooth operation of the building site is ensured by the corporation's internal operational framework which, according to each project, specifies:

  • the coordination of works at the building site.
  • the documentation of works for each building site.
  • the management of necessary supplies and equipment

Throughout the monitoring and management process of the project, full certification exists of the actions taken by respective technical issues and other documents (e.g. architectural designs) which are available to whom it may concern.

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